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Don’t watch these 5 Videos if you are scared of Heights

Pack sone shoes!


If you thing yourself as the faint of heart, leave now, as these are 5 most terrifying videos I can find that are pretty much as scary as Michel Jackson’s face without a nose. Watch these videos in the comfort of your house while people do stupid things and post it over to the YouTube. Cheating death like a Ninja!!

MJ without nose

Looks equally terrifying to Heights

1. Riding a guided Tower

Seriously, these guys should be praised for what they are doing. I think, whatever they are paid for this is just not enough because climbing a 1700+ foot Guided tower to being your work day with it both scary and cool. If I were there, I’d take a parachute with me to take a dive after finishing the work.

2. And…. there’s a Russian

Either the Red GUY is incredibly courageous or he’s just extreme idiot …. oh, and that girl too. Russians these days, can do just about anything to trail the extremities. What’s more annoying is the fact that he has got the friends that are too dumb to stop him.

3. The Edge Walk, CN Tower, Toronto

These people are not human! They don’t give a crap about where they are actually standing at the moment. I’d have a panik attack instantaneously if I were in their shoes. Who knows! Anyway, I’m sure that Russians could do it without ropes (as they are drunk).

4. Scary Trail in Spain

This is some serious crap! This must be the height of rock climbing for humans. It looks old, but if you are terrified after watching this video, just think about those who actually built this structure.

5. Hua Shan plank walk in China

Chinese have made some incredible things in their backyard, no wonder they win all the Olympic medals. Imagine how’d it feel to be walking over the mouth of death with just a harness over your waist for the worst case scenario! Sounds incredible and dangerous altogether.

Updated: March 25, 2013 — 9:39 PM


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  1. Those were really very scary Utkarsh!

    Though I'm not scared of heights, but seeing these videos does scare you! I guess we don't imagine ourselves to be at that kind of height, and if we do – we will surely get scared.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Of course I am scared of heights. Not that I am paranoid in any sort of way, but still if I wake up on the top of Eiffel Tower one day, I sure to get pissed.

  2. Hello Utkarsh,

    Man, those videos really woke me up! Those people are crazy – what were they thinking?

    I think that guy on the top of the guided tower was the worst. You couldn't pay me enough to even consider trying that .

    Thanks for the most exciting thing I've seen today! – Steve

    1. Thanks man! For the feedback, I mean. While writing, I was also thinking about these people, specially the Russian Guy over the tower. These people certainly are idiots.

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